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Co-ops are community organizations. They exist to meet the needs of the members and other stakeholders. At Capital Homecare Cooperative, our needs include the creation of meaningful and sustainable employment for the caregivers and providing quality care for our clients. Our stakeholders include our clients, our staff and the families of clients and staff.

We started Capital Homecare Cooperative based on the singular idea that paying caregivers a living wage and giving them a quality position would result in the best possible care for those that we serve.  Our mission is to create and operate a worker owned community of justly paid professionals providing exceptional care to seniors and people with disabilities.  Homecare Cooperatives provide a unique and weathered solution to many of the barriers facing caregivers and care providers today, and we are delighted to bring all of these gifts to wonderful Thurston County.

We are campaigning to raise money for the following:

  • to assist with repaying our start-up loan;
  • to assist with supporting our caregivers through the expensive and necessary training;
  • to assist with marketing and advertising to help our new business gain traction in a bustling community of caregivers.

There are three direct ways to help Capital Homecare Co-op thrive:

  1. Hire Us! We have nine home care providers on staff. If you or someone you know needs home care, call our office at 360-888-6175 or email admin@capitalhomecare.coop. You can find our services and rates here.
  2. Donate through Go Fund Me! It isn’t tax-deductible, but a donation to us either by check or on-line at  Go Fund Me will go a long way towards helping us cover start up costs. There is a fee associated with this site that is paid by CHC.
  3. Donate through Northwest Cooperative Development Center! The NWCDC is a 501(c)(3) organization that assists co-ops such as ours. They can accept donations on our behalf to assist with marketing and outreach. These donations may be tax deductible and will be earmarked specifically for marketing and outreach. To donate through NWCDC visit their Network for Good page and make sure to write in “CHC” or “Capital Homecare” in the designation space. Checks made out to NWCDC with CHC in the memo line may also be mailed to:


P.O. Box 256

Olympia, WA 98507-0256