Help Fund Our Caregiving Co-op

Help Fund Our Caregiving Co-op

We’ve started a fund raising effort to help us get our caregiving co-op moving during our start up period.

Support Our Mission

We are actively seeking clients; however, this takes a little bit of time since Thurston County has a number of well established agencies. We could not actively market for caregiving clients until we received approval from the State of Washington. During this start up phase, we have a number of expenses without a steady income stream, so we are asking our friends in the community for their help.

Donate Today

Please consider a donation to assist covering our start-up costs (marketing, outreach, rent). If you can’t afford a cash donation, assist us by spreading the word about our co-op, letting friends and relatives who might need care know about our services, and otherwise promoting this wonderful group of dedicated caregivers.

If you can help contribute, please do and please share this link.

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