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Meet Our Caregivers

Meet Our Caregivers

“Like so many other caregivers I started out in the care world by helping out my family- I took care of my grandfather through his end of life, when I was much younger. After college I quickly diverted back to providing care. There is so much reward to be found providing care to people in your community. I love the work that I do, the feeling that you are making someone’s day a little bit brighter, and and am excited to be working in an agency where my voice is valued and I KNOW that our clients receive exceptional care.”

-Nora Edge, General Manager, Member-Owner and Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative
“My experience as a sister to an older brother with liver disease and stroke-related brain injury has given me a deeper understanding of the complex needs and struggles of caregivers, especially from the perspective of a family member. Joining the Capital Homecare Cooperative has given me the opportunity to contribute my hard-earned skills and training back into a community that has shown me incredible support. As an experienced professional massage therapist and energy healer, I hope to incorporate new modalities into home care, add quality of life and a sense of peace into my client’s lives. Our senior neighbors and friends with disabilities deserve the best care available, which I believe means equal support for the caregivers who provide their best work. My pride is ensuring the voice of caregivers is heard and affect real change. I look forward to the growth of the CHC and meeting other dedicated caregivers and future members of our co-op.”
-Monessa Bacon, Board Director, Member-Owner and Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative
I’m a caregiver because it’s fulfilling for me to care for people and use my abilities to uplift and support others. I chose to work for a cooperative because I value equality between all members and their voices in the workplace.
-Clarissa Magdich, Member-Owner and Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative
“I’ve always had an affinity for my elders, starting in childhood when my grandfather came to live with my family. As a youngster, visiting the nursing home in the small town where I was raised was one of the ways I chose to spend my free time. I feel that the work I do adds meaning to my life. I like finding ways to help people do activities they enjoy despite their limitations. It’s satisfying when I can insert myself into a dementia patient’s reality without trying to impose my reality on them, and it’s fun to see the world though their eyes! I love working within family systems because it gives me insight into the variety of human experience in how people can care for each other.

The cooperative approach emphasizes team building, and I think this is the best way to ensure excellence in elder care. Open communication and the generous sharing of information within the team makes it easier to understand the best approach in caring for an individual client. When organizing the work and actually doing the work are integrated and not separate, there is a better understanding of the best way to implement care…. Working for Capital Homecare Cooperative is not just a job for me! I am enthusiastic about committing my time and expertise to the organization because it supports and empowers me.  I can then bring my best self to the client for each shift I cover. 

Last but not least, I support the cooperative model in caregiving from a social justice standpoint. An investment in Capital Homecare Cooperative is an investment in a brighter future for all caregivers. It’s an investment in fair pay and dignity for a group that at times has gone under appreciated.”
Veta Nebel, Member-Owner and Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative