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Meet Our Caregivers

Meet Our Caregivers

“My experience as a sister to an older brother with liver disease and stroke-related brain injury has given me a deeper understanding of the complex needs and struggles of caregivers, especially from the perspective of a family member. Joining the Capital Homecare Cooperative has given me the opportunity to contribute my hard-earned skills and training back into a community that has shown me incredible support. As an experienced professional massage therapist and energy healer, I hope to incorporate new modalities into home care, add quality of life and a sense of peace into my client’s lives. Our senior neighbors and friends with disabilities deserve the best care available, which I believe means equal support for the caregivers who provide their best work. My pride is ensuring the voice of caregivers is heard and affect real change. I look forward to the growth of the CHC and meeting other dedicated caregivers and future members of our co-op.”

-Monessa Bacon, President and Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative

“Like so many, I first got into caregiving when I was much younger, to help my grandfather through his end of life care.  The challenge and nuance of that experience informed most of my life choices after that.  Caregiving is something that you completely love or you don’t do it- I was someone in love with caregiving right away.  Following my experience with my grandfather, I knew that I had found a job that would give my life meaning and joy and humor.  There is nothing like the feeling of improving someone’s day, helping someone to meet their basic needs, someone to listen to…most people are so nuanced, delicate and infinite, and it is always a blessing for someone to allow you into their home and lives and share.  Caregiving is an art form at best.  I am so excited to be working with Capital Homecare Cooperative, where caregivers get to excel.”

-Nora Edge, Administrator and Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative

“I got into caregiving because I needed a new line of work after hitting a dead end in culinary arts. I started as a hospice caregiver, building on my lived experience watching my grandparents go through their own end of life care. When I relocated from upstate NY to Western Washington, I shifted into the field of direct support for adults with developmental disabilities. It struck a fire in me and I have spent more than 7 years in that field, and while it has been very challenging at times it helped me learn about myself and the value of radical acceptance. Now I am an approved trainer for disability caregiving courses and have extensive experience writing Individualized Instructional Support Plans for the people served by my previous agencies, as well as management and scheduling experience. I do still value the need to continue direct care, as the practice keeps me grounded in the daily reality of struggles faced by individuals receiving services and those providing them. What excites me about Capital Homecare Cooperative is the democratization and empowerment of the workforce through the organizational model that will also ensure best care and practices for those served by the Cooperative. I’m honored to be on such a compassionate and driven team to serve our community.”
Boudicca Walsh, Caregiver, Capital Homecare Cooperative