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Why Pick a Home Care Cooperative?

Why Pick a Home Care Cooperative?

There are many types of caregiver cooperatives that provide home care. Home Care refers to non-medical services such as cleaning, bathing, companionship, cooking, and other duties.

A home care cooperative is generally a home care agency. It differs from other agencies in that the ownership of the agency consists of the caregivers. The caregivers, in addition to providing care, also do the work of an agency owner.

Caregivers elect from among themselves a group of caregivers to sit on the cooperative’s board of directors and set policy for the agency. The caregivers then implement those policies.

This provides clients with a direct line of communication with the owners of the agency.

Caregivers benefit by having control over their workplace that includes better wages and working conditions (including the ability to provide the services that their clients want).  Clients benefit by having someone with true ownership of their job providing care.