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Fundraising Event July 26

You are invited to join us at Pizzeria La Gitana (518 Capital Way S) in Olympia on July 26 from 5-9 to talk about the nuanced and amazing work that is caregiving over some delicious food from the Pizzeria La Gitana kitchen. The restaurant will donate a portion of their receipts for the day to CHC if we get enough people.

Can’t make it in the evening?

Stop in for lunch or an afternoon snack and let your server know that you showed up to support Capital Homecare Cooperative.


Donate Today and Help Our Co-op

We have received some great support from a lot of people, especially those who have contracted with us for home care and made donations already. Capital Homecare Cooperative needs help from you now.

Starting  a home agency takes a lot of work especially when the people starting are the caregivers. Caregivers don’t make a lot in the industry (which is why we decided to start this co-operative) and that makes covering the start-up costs difficult.

We hope that you can help us.

Help through Direct Action

There are two direct ways to help Capital Homecare Co-op thrive:

  1. Hire Us! We have nine home care providers on staff. If you or someone you know needs home care, call our office at 360-888-6175 or email admin@capitalhomecare.coop. You can find our services and rates here.
  2. Donate! It isn’t tax-deductible, but a donation to us either by check or on-line at  Go Fund Me will go a long way towards helping us cover start up costs.

Help Through Indirect Action

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  • Tell your friends about Capital Homecare Co-op
  • Share our Go Fund Me campaign to your social networks.
  • Follow us on Facebook at capitalhomecarecoop.
  • If you have used our services, consider a review on yelp!

Co-ops are about creating communities. If you are reading this, then you are part of our community. We hope that you can lend a hand.

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