Donate Today and Help Our Co-op

We have received some great support from a lot of people, especially those who have contracted with us for home care and made donations already. Capital Homecare Cooperative needs help from you now.

Starting  a home agency takes a lot of work especially when the people starting are the caregivers. Caregivers don’t make a lot in the industry (which is why we decided to start this co-operative) and that makes covering the start-up costs difficult.

We hope that you can help us.

Help through Direct Action

There are two direct ways to help Capital Homecare Co-op thrive:

  1. Hire Us! We have nine home care providers on staff. If you or someone you know needs home care, call our office at 360-888-6175 or email You can find our services and rates here.
  2. Donate! It isn’t tax-deductible, but a donation to us either by check or on-line at  Go Fund Me will go a long way towards helping us cover start up costs.

Help Through Indirect Action

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  • Tell your friends about Capital Homecare Co-op
  • Share our Go Fund Me campaign to your social networks.
  • Follow us on Facebook at capitalhomecarecoop.
  • If you have used our services, consider a review on yelp!

Co-ops are about creating communities. If you are reading this, then you are part of our community. We hope that you can lend a hand.

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