Choosing a caregiver carries a lot of emotion- having a new person come into your home to help with with the ins and outs of your day can be stressful!  We take a lot of pride in being able to provide friendship, exceptional care and thoughtful guidance to our clients through this process, and are always so grateful when they reach out to tell us what it means to them!  The testimonials from our clients mean a lot to us and the feedback is invaluable to helping us do even better in the future. Thank you to our friends in this community providing positive feedback and support, it means the world!

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Testimonials from Our Clients

”I have two precious dogs that I can’t walk because of my condition. I’m very lucky that my caregiver takes such good care of them. They always look forward to his visits. They get a good walk every day he works and I get peace of mind knowing I can keep my babies happy and healthy.”
Susan B.
“The Capital Homecare Co-op caregivers…are very thoughtful and attentive, without being invasive…”
K.R. of Tenino, Washington
” […] tends to do whatever needs to be taken care of…she tries new techniques to gain cooperation with my husband!  It’s so dear how hard they try to get these things done right.”
J.L. of Steamboat Island, Olympia WA
”Capital Homecare Cooperative..has been very responsive to my our needs, they are flexible when scheduling appointments…they are warm and friendly and treat us with respect!”
M.J.L of Tumwater, Washington
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care I have received. I have never had to use an in-home service before and looked at several companies before deciding who to choose. Your company is small but intimate which I loved. Everyone that came to home were always professional and made me totally feel at ease. Always there to help and support whatever I needed yet gave me enough privacy that I didn’t feel they were intruding into my life. Within a short amount of each shift it felt more like I had family with me. My own family was so impressed with the care and attitude everyone had towards me that it gave them such comfort knowing I was with a loving caregiver when they couldn’t be with me. Thank you for having such a wonderful, professional, caring and loving staff that is truly doing the job because they are genuinely caring individuals.
Becky C. of Olympia
It was a pleasure to talk with you and then to meet with you. You were an answer to an unexpressed prayer and great need. It was a tender mercy for you to be there at that time and to offer your assistance and the way you lovingly provided it for Mom. I’m very much appreciative and we all are.
Bob N. of Salt Lake City, UT
Our mother went from living independently to needing caregiving literally overnight. Capital Homecare Cooperative guided us through the new world of organizing caregivers for her.  As her needs grew, they were quick to help us adjust the type and amount of care she received.   The caregivers are cheerful and skilled.  The thing I value most is their amazing compassion. Many thanks,
Walter B. of Olympia
"I have been to several (major) caregiving agencies here in Thurston County and I have also tried several independent providers (individuals) in the past, but none can compare to Capital Homecare Cooperative or CHC as we know it. I came across this wonderful resource from the caregiving community and i have to say, i felt for the first time in many years, that i actually finally realized and experienced what the word “respite” really feels like. CHC is truly, heaven sent. They came at the right time and moment of our lives where I have lost all hope in ever finding the right caregiver that would be a good fit for my family. See, I am myself working 2 jobs, during the day and is also a full on 24/7 caregiver to love ones at home, on nights and weekends for so many years now. Caregiving long term does take its toll. Due to difficult circumstances, we have so very limited resources, and I don’t have sufficient support and consistent help. It was so hard to find the right help for us. I needed help. Reliable, dependable, flexible and warm/caring help. Help that is affordable and reasonably priced. Help that has attentive and engaged open communication. And I found all that with CHC. By the time CHC came into our lives, I was at my lowest point, I was deeply exhausted, drained and so discouraged because of all the hardship and so many barriers I have had to navigate. But CHC changed all that. I met Nora, their wonderful administrator, at our home; her kind and friendly presence, warm demeanor and her caring heart came thru as we were discussing care. She was so ever patient listening to all my endless woes and addressing all my questions. I felt for the first time, truly heard and validated. CHC took time to really listen. I was also so very impressed because she came very prepared and I was so very impressed with their professionalism, excellent training credentials, reasonable fees, flexible approach, mission/vision, principles and quality of their care, and finally, for the first time in many years, all my wishes (yes, i thought my wishes will never come true) have finally become a reality. I could not believe it. I was so moved by this wonderful gift and timely blessing. They literally, saved our lives. I felt for the first time, hopeful. The best part is when my family began to meet with their caregivers. I have no words to describe how amazing it has been so far. They were so very attentive to my family’s needs. They were all what we hoped for, and more. In many years of feeling so alone and heavily burdened, I finally felt how “respite care” should really feel like. I remember the very first day where I left my love one in the hands of CHC caregiver, I sat in my car and literally cried in relief and joy. I did not expect this day would come for me. I felt for the first time, free, secure, reassured, and safe. And for the first time in my own caregiving journey/world, i find myself saying, “it is okay, you do not have to worry anymore, you can relax now, your family is now in good hands,” Thank you so much CHC for being so giving, and ever so nurturing; may you continue to be a light and a bearer of good hope to those that needed it the most”
L.E.M of Olympia, WA