CHC’s ‘Carers Eat Pizza’ Community Roundtable a Roaring Success!



On July 26th, 2018 Capital Homecare Cooperative (CHC) hosted the very first Carers Eat Pizza Community Round Table at renowned Pizzeria La Gitana of Olympia.  The event served as a fundraiser for CHC, wherein Pizzeria La Gitana generously offered to donate twenty percent of the day’s earnings to the start-up efforts of the budding new caregiver-owned agency.  The event was free to the public and open to all caregivers (regardless of agency, training or background) care receivers and interested members of the community, with a goal to meet, eat and discuss common barriers, values and goals for the care community.

The fundraiser took place during Pizzeria La Gitana’s business hours 11:30am-9pm, and the community round table event took place from 5pm-9pm.  The evening started off with an hour to order delicious pizza and drinks and network, and with a robust turnout the room was immediately buzzing with carer connection.  After about an hour CHC’s administrator and event host Nora Edge stood up to say a few words about how she came into caregiving, some barriers that she’s identified to care providers and receivers alike, and the goal of creating a round table open to all care providers.  Additional speakers included Monessa Bacon, CHC’s president of the board, and Deborah Craig, a consultant to the home care agency and a weathered care provider.

After the speakers finished,  an itinerary was shared around, as well as a questionnaire with prompts such as “What are three words that define caregiving to you?” and “What would you like to see discussed at future care community round tables?”.  Everyone present spent about fifteen to twenty minutes filling out their questionnaire.  Discussion ranged among attendees from work history, to the difference between an HCA, an IP and a CNA is, what the future of government funding and how providers would deal with that, and even to the care receiver experience.  A point that everyone agreed on was that no one should be isolated in their position- caregivers need and desire a community of support and understanding, and so do care receivers.

This was the first event of its kind to be hosted by Capital Homecare Cooperative.  Due to the success of this event and overwhelming public interest the event raised, Capital Homecare Cooperative plans to continue hosting events like it.  Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out on our next Carers Eat Pizza Community Round Table!

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